Separate Automobile Coverage

In addition to your general liability insurance, you may need separate automobile coverage for the vehicles in your business that help you to conduct business. You do have to have separate insurance policies on each of these vehicles, but they can be insured under the same general liability insurance policy.

Understanding how making sure your automobiles in your business are insured means understanding the benefits that are provided to you by doing so. For instance, you may have a fleet of vehicles that are used for a variety of purposes. The fleet needs to be insured because an employee driving one of the vehicles may be involved in an accident and that accident may cause bodily injury and property damage to someone else. If that occurs, your business will have to pay. The good news, however, is that the automobile coverage that is offered will take care of the damages, just like property damage insurance for your buildings.

You do have to make sure that you have enough coverage because medical costs can be quite high. These high medical costs can cause a lot of trouble for you. The property damage isn't the main concern.

Employee Vehicles

Employees may have insurance policies that do not insure them when they are doing business in their car. If this is the case, you may want to make sure your insurance covers your employees when they are using their vehicles to conduct business.

Examples of businesses that allow employees to use their personal vehicles to conduct business are pizza delivery businesses and home health businesses. However, there may be exemptions, especially when it comes to home health businesses because the individual may state that they will be responsible for their own vehicle and may take out additional insurance on their own to cover their vehicle when on the job.

But if you will require your employee to use their car, then you want to insure them. They may be in an accident while on the clock and it will be your business that is pursued anyway.


If you are not a business owner, but you are simply part of a family that owns multiple automobiles, you will want to look into separate automobile coverage. For instance, you may have one vehicle that needs to have full coverage, while you may have another that needs liability. Of course they are going to have separate automobile coverage, but the policies will be on the same account.

Where you may have truly separate automobile coverage is when you have a college student living with you. Because your child is a college student, you may opt for them to get their first policy, especially if they may live elsewhere while in school. This means that the policy may not necessarily be under the same name. They are completely separate from one another. If an accident occurs, the individual whose name is on the policy is the one that is responsible.

It is very important that you have adequate automobile coverage because you never know when an unexpected accident is going to occur. You never know when that next corner you turn is going to be the one in which someone hits you or you hit someone else. You never know that when you send out a fleet of vehicles which one is going to be involved in an accident with someone. It is best for you to be prepared and to make sure you have enough coverage to ensure that you are not going to have to pay any expenses out of your pocket. If you ever have to use your separate automobile coverage, you will be relieved with what it provides.



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