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Maine general liability insurance is an excellent way of protecting any ME business in case of damages or personal injury or even lawsuits. You can fill out our easy to use form and request quotes today to start covering your company tomorrow. No matter whether you own a restaurant in Portland, ME, or a lobster boat in Portsmouth, ME, there are policies available to fit your coverage needs. If you are a business owner who has hesitated to purchase coverage because of the cost, you will be pleased to find that Maine general liability insurance is extremely affordable, especially when you compare it to the possible costs associated with damages or injury.

General liability insurance is coverage any owner needs in case of accidental damage to a customer's property or personal injury to a customer. Before you shop for a general policy, first consider what your coverage needs are by identifying risks. If you own a lobster boat for instance, you may need a hull policy, while a restaurant owner may require a public liability policy. No matter what coverage you need, you can find a Maine general liability insurance policy that is perfect for any company.

Identifying Insurance Needs

The type of general liability insurance you require depends on what type of company you own. Maine is the lobster capital of the United States so a popular policy in the Pine Tree State is a marine policy. Marine liability coverage comes in a wide range of policies to fit the needs of businesses whose income comes in some way from the water. This could include ship builders or repair companies, port authorities, lobster boats, marinas, or charters. The following information outlines some types of Maine general liability insurance policies for marine businesses.

Of course, one of the biggest investments for some companies is the vessel that they use for their business. For coverage of a vessel, the most widely used policy is the hull and machinery policy. Hull and machinery coverage includes the loss or damage of a boat or in some instances damage to the motor. Another popular Maine general liability insurance is freight interest, which covers the freight a boat is carrying if the boat sinks during transport.

For boat builders or repair companies, there are builders risk, or ship repairers policies available that will cover any loss of damage during the construction or repair of a vessel. You can also include a faulty design clause that would protect a business for a period of time in case of damages resulting from the design of a boat or a consequential loss for a boat whose construction time is over the contractual agreement with the owner.

For boats that transport cargo, there are several Maine general liability insurance policies that will protect the business and cost of the cargo in the event it cannot be delivered, is damaged, or is stolen. Types of policies available for these perils include the fine art and exhibition clause, trade disruption, or basic cargo policies. The basic cargo insurance policy is specifically designed for the type of cargo and general risks associated with the shipping of the cargo to anywhere in the world.

No matter what type of marine business you may have, there is a marine liability policy available in Maine to provide coverage for any vessel, its cargo, and damage or injury to the public. If you consider the costs associated with any of these potential perils, you will quickly see why it is imperative that you have Maine general liability insurance for your marine business in Maine.

Finding a Provider

One of the easiest ways to find a provider for Maine general liability insurance is to shop online. Shopping online gives you the ability to request quotes from several insurers licensed to provide services in Maine. You can then compare the policies and prices and purchase one without having to leave your office. You will not only find this convenient method of purchasing insurance easy and affordable, but will definitely appreciate the time it saves you in the process. When choosing a provider, be sure to ask questions about the type of claims service they provide, their available discounts, and their customer service. 24-hour customer claims service is imperative for many businesses that operate outside the normal business hours.

Maine general liability insurance is the answer to providing comprehensive coverage for any Maine business against damages or personal injury. Take the time to identify your general risks and find a general policy that will fit your needs and your budget. Accidents can happen no matter how careful a business is. Luckily commercial liability insurance is there to protect you. Shop online today and start protecting your Maine business tomorrow.



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