Louisiana General Liability Insurance

Louisiana general liability insurance is very affordable when you shop online and compare prices. You can fill out our easy to use form and receive quote from top insurance providers in LA. Whether you own a fishing charter company or a Cajun restaurant in New Orleans, LA, you will find a comprehensive policy that will cover you for any risk. If you own a business in Louisiana, you will benefit from the general protection and the peace of mind you can only get from Louisiana general liability insurance.

Basic Louisiana general liability insurance will cover a company in the event of property damage, personal injury or litigation costs up to a specific maximum amount. There are also umbrella policies available to cover whatever the general policy may not. If an umbrella liability insurance policy is not what you require, you can add endorsements to a general policy that can cover specific risks that you have for the products or service you provide. No matter whether you own a small business or a large corporation, any Louisiana business owner should think about covering their assets with Louisiana general liability insurance.

Available Liability Policies

Like any insurance, Louisiana general liability insurance comes in a wide array of policies to fit any need. A commonly used one in Louisiana is the watercraft protection and indemnity clause. If you own or lease a boat and use it for business purposes, this policy is ideal for you. Common businesses who utilize a watercraft protection and indemnity clause would be marine and diving contractors, or charter boats. This policy is designed to protect the business in case of damage or injury that can occur while operating the watercraft.

Watercraft liability insurance can cover many items including damage to docks or piers, wreck removal, cargo damage, injury to crew or passengers, and even collisions with other watercraft. The premium cost of a watercraft liability is determined by several factors, the age, size, and condition of the boat, what it is used for, amount of crew and passengers, navigation limits or where it goes, and claims history. Older boats may have a higher premium than a newer boat, while a boat that does not travel far may have a lower premium than a boat that provides extensive trips. No matter what type of watercraft business you own, there is a policy available to fit your needs.

Tourism is of course one of Louisiana's main industries. From Baton Rouge to New Orleans, tourists flock to Louisiana every year to experience to culture and cuisine that can only be found in the Pelican State. Many specific policies can be purchased for tourism related businesses. One of the more common ones includes event coverage. These policies cover a specific event for the time period of the event. They will cover any injury or damage that could result from the event and can even include a liquor liability clause if liquor will be served at the event. Liquor liability is designed to protect businesses who sell alcoholic beverages. You can also add this to any Louisiana general liability insurance. If a business does not have general coverage for liquor and has an accident related to the sale of alcohol, they may not be covered. Talk to a general insurance provider to find out more about whether you require this policy.

The Costs of Liability Insurance

Louisiana general liability insurance is very economical. The premium costs depend on several factors including the type of company, number of employees, claims history and perhaps the most important factor, risk. If you are a fishing charter service for instance, your quote may be significantly higher than a store that sells Louisiana knick-knacks because of the potential risk to your customers versus theirs.

Make sure you identify any potential risks with a provider so they will cover the business properly. There may be exclusions in a Louisiana general policy that need to be addressed if the company you own has a specific coverage need. If this is the case, you can purchase additional clauses to cover that particular peril. For instance, if you own a hotel that serves alcohol, and you did not purchase an alcohol endorsement, you will not be covered for that risk.

Louisiana general liability insurance can be designed to fit the needs of any company. From casinos to restaurants, insurance can provide extensive protection for any potential harm. By shopping online, you can save money and even securely purchase your policy from the comfort of your office or living room. Always study the quotes carefully and be sure you have coverage for all you need. Purchasing Louisiana general liability insurance can be one of the best ways to protect your company.



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