Idaho General Liability Insurance

Idaho general liability insurance is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business in the event a customer is injured or their property is damaged by you or an employee of the company. No matter what type of company you own in Idaho, from a restaurant to a drycleaner, contractors to manufacturers, any ID company can benefit from the protection offered by Idaho general liability insurance.

Is Liability Insurance Necessary?

Have you ever considered what might happen if one of your customers were injured while on your property or while you were at their home performing a service? If a customer is injured on your property, you are liable for the medical costs and possible litigation fees associated with that injury. Likewise, if you or an employee injures a customer or causes damages to a customer's property while on a jobsite. Accidents do happen even when we take the time to be careful. Because of this, Idaho general liability insurance offers coverage for those accidents.

Types of Idaho Insurance

There are many choices of Idaho general liability insurance to choose from. Which one you use is based on the company you own and what the risks associated with that work are. An ID general contractor for instance, may want to choose a general liability insurance policy that covers the company for not only damages that could happen to a customer's property or injuries to the customer, but also errors and omissions coverage to protect them in case they made a mistake that resulted in damage.

A hunting guide in Idaho may want to consider a commercial liability insurance that covers equine related businesses if they use horses to guide their hunters on the hunt. In fact, this type of Idaho general liability insurance can cover anyone who has a horse related business. Other types of professionals who might benefit from this coverage would be boarders, breeders, trainers, companies who offer carriage and wagon rides, or even riding instructors. One item of note for this coverage is that it generally does not cover a horse or a customer's tack while it is in the owner's protection. Check the policy carefully for exclusions such as this.

Suppliers of a product may want to check into product liability coverage. This policy will cover damages that result from a defect in a product supplied to the customer. Companies who benefit from this type of Idaho general liability insurance are businesses who manufacture and sell vehicles, medical devices, agricultural equipment, food, chemicals, or recreational equipment just to name a few. Any company, even a small business who sells a product, will find this coverage beneficial.

Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and sporting venues may appreciate the commercial liability insurance coverage offered for public liability. This type of policy protects you in case the public is at risk because of the business you do. The risks increase if there is alcohol offered for consumption at any of these businesses so the owner may also want to look into a general liquor liability policy that would cover the businesses if damages occur that are liquor related.

There are many other types of Idaho general liability insurance available to fit the needs of the business you own. Check with the local general provider and discuss the risks involved with the business and how you can best protect your assets and employees in case of damages or injuries to the customers.

Choosing an Idaho Insurer

There are many ways to find insurers for the business you own. There are hundreds of insurance companies who can provide you with the coverage you need. The most convenient method of finding an insurer is to shop online and compare quotes from several companies at one time. Be sure you are working with a general provider who is licensed to do business in Idaho. Insurers who are not licensed in the state you need the insurance in, may not have to follow the laws for that state.

Ask the provider what their claims service consists of and ask if there are representatives available 24 hours a day seven days a week in case you should need them. Ask for available discounts and premium savings you can participate in. Be sure to read through each quote carefully and compare rates from several general providers before choosing one for your needs.

Idaho general liability insurance can provide you with the coverage you need without breaking the budget. Determine what the risks are that are associated with your business, and find a policy that covers those risks. Be sure to work with only Idaho licensed professionals and request several quotes from different providers. We hope you never need to submit a claim through Idaho general liability insurance, but you will be glad you have it if damages were to occur.



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