Hawaii General Liability Insurance

Hawaii general liability insurance is an important step to protecting your company. You have worked hard to become a business owner. Now take the time to protect it in case of customer injury or damage to a customer's property. If you own a business in Hawaii, you can benefit from Hawaii general liability insurance today.

Understanding Hawaii Insurance

Hawaii general liability insurance is coverage for businesses against suits and damages in case of accidental damage to a customer's property or personal injury to the customer during the course of work. For instance, if you own a surfboard sales shop on the beach in HI and one of the customers slips and falls due to wet floors, Hawaii general coverage will pay for the medical and legal expenses that arise from the customer's injury.

Hawaii general liability insurance will also cover property damage, advertising injury or errors and omissions. If one of the surfboard sales associates accidently scratches a customer's car while loading the surfboard onto the car, general liability will cover the damages to the car and again litigation if it comes to that. Advertising injury covers damages that could occur from slander or false advertising. Let's say that same customer is angry because there was a misprint in one of the advertisements that said you had a buy one get one free sale on surfboards, when really it was supposed to be buy one get one half off. If the customer sues, you will be covered for the expenses of the attorney's fees.

Many professionals can also benefit from errors and omissions coverage. This coverage is a Hawaii general liability insurance that covers the insured from damages that result from mistakes in work performed by you or one of your employees. If you are a home inspector for instance, and a customer's has a home fire do to a faulty breaker you accidently missed during an inspection, HI general liability would cover the damage to the customer's home, as well as litigation if necessary.

Another excellent form of coverage for Hawaii professionals is protection and indemnity for watercraft businesses. This Hawaii general liability insurance protects companies who own or lease a watercraft that they use for business purposes. This could include yachts, charter fishing boats, charter diving vessels, anything that is water related. It covers the company for items such as damage to cargo, customers, or crew on board, damage to docks, piers, or other floating objects, wreck removal, and collisions. If you own a business that includes watercraft, this insurance is an excellent way to protect it.

You can also gain product general liability insurance to cover any products you manufacture and sell to a customer. This is excellent insurance for any manufactures whether you are a company that makes Hawaii gift baskets to send out to customer's friends and families from Hawaii, or a manufacturer that makes pharmaceuticals or medical devices. From recreational equipment to chemicals, this coverage will protect your company in the event one of the customers is injured due to using the product.

Any business who sells alcohol should wisely consider a commercial liquor liability policy. Alcohol sales increase liability considerably due to the amount of liquor related accidents that are recorded each year. This coverage would provide the business with protection in case someone who has purchased alcohol is injured or causes damage due to the consumption of that alcohol.

Costs of Insurance

The cost of commercial liability insurance varies greatly depending on what sort of business you own, what the perceived risks are, and several other items depending on the coverage you require. A restaurant for instance would be a higher risk than a small business that sells postcards and a fishing charter company could be a higher risk than the restaurant. The risks that your company faces will directly affect the cost of the premiums.

You can save on the premiums of Hawaii general liability insurance by following a few simple procedures. Maintain high standards on both the products you sell, and the customer services you offer. Train your employees on the importance of safety. Accidents happen in all businesses, but by training your employees and making safety a priority you can eliminate claims and keep your employees and company safe from damages.

Hawaii general liability insurance can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from protecting your business and employees in the event of damages done to a customer during the course of performing the work. No matter which general coverage you choose, you can find many providers online who can give you a comprehensive quote for all of your general needs. Shop today for Hawaii general liability insurance and start protecting your business tomorrow.



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