Georgia General Liability Insurance

Georgia general liability insurance is affordable and necessary if you own a company in Georgia. General policies will protect the assets of a company in the event that someone working at that company damages customer property or causes personal injury to a customer during the course of business. There are many types of policies to fit the needs of any corporation or small business owner. Shop online today to request quotes and compare rates for Georgia general liability insurance.

Types of General Coverage

There are many ways to cover the company's assets through a Georgia general liability insurance policy. A normal general liability insurance policy might cover you for damage to property, personal injury that occurs while the customer is on company property, or while performing a service at the customer's property. It will also cover the litigation costs associated with the damage or injury should it come to that. It is important to note there are limits to the claims payouts on any policy. If you feel the risk is higher than the coverage, you may want to add additional clauses to cover those risks.

Public liability coverage protects the public against damage resulting from you or your employees. Examples of businesses that might use this policy would be shopping centers, pubs, clubs, theatres, or sporting venues. If the corporation sells alcohol, it is also a good idea to add a liquor liability clause to cover any alcohol related damages.

Product liability coverage protects manufactures against injury or damages resulting from the supply of a product. Examples of these companies would be vehicle manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. Anyone who provides a product in Georgia can benefit from product coverage.

Like any insurance, Georgia general liability insurance has limits on the amounts that are paid for any claim. If you are concerned that the amounts may not be enough, you may want to consider adding an umbrella policy. Umbrella liability picks up where the Georgia general liability insurance stops. It can provide you with total coverage of anything not covered under the commercial liability insurance general policy.

Minimizing Risks

There are many ways to minimize the risks associated with a business. To begin with, you can institute a high standard for your products or service and then maintain it. You can create slogans or catch phrases to raise awareness. You may also want to consider implementing a quality control team that will review your existing standards and determine if additional standards need to be implemented.

Another way of minimizing the risks is to implement a safety program. This is especially important if the company has a high risk factor due to safety concerns. A good example of this might be a general contracting firm. In order for the safety program to carry weight, the owner of the company should become involved. If the employees understand how important safety is to the owner, they will be more likely to pay attention to safety. Safety meetings should be implemented at least monthly and should include classes on risks that are specific to the company.

Some Georgia general insurance providers will provide discounts to companies who have comprehensive training and safety programs in place. It is important that good records be maintained for all training and safety meetings. Records should include the topic of the meeting, attendees, and any special notes that are of significance.

Cost of Business Liability

Georgia general liability insurance is very economical especially when compared to the cost of damages or litigation. The cost of the coverage depends on the type of business operation, associated risks, and number of employees. When requesting a quote, you will want to identify all potential hazards that the business faces. This is important because there are exclusions in every Georgia general liability insurance policy. For instance, if your business sells liquor and you do not share that with your policy provider, you may find that in case of liquor related damage or injury, the insurer will not cover the costs.

Always compare a number of quotes from reputable insurance providers before purchasing Georgia general liability insurance. Be sure that the coverage you need is included in the rates. Ask about available discounts and other ways to save money. Some policies will give you a discount if you pay the premium in full at the beginning of the year each year. Others might offer you discounts for not having a claim for a period of time. Talk to the insurance provider about other ways to save in Georgia.

Georgia general liability insurance is an important investment that will protect any business in the event of damage or personal injury. Regardless of what kind of Georgia business you have, you can tailor a policy to fit your needs. Shop online today to compare rates from top insurance providers in Georgia.



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