Delaware General Liability Insurance

Delaware general liability insurance is an important part of protecting company assets in case of damage to the customer's property, or personal injury to the customer. It can also cover the legal costs that can occur when a customer is injured. Whether you are a restaurant owner in Wilmington, DE, or a contractor in Bear, DE, this insurance can provide you with the coverage you require.

What is Liability Insurance?

Delaware general liability insurance is a policy or several policies that are designed to protect the company in case of damage or personal injury. There are several different types of policies available. Delaware general liability policies will cover damage and injury up to a certain amount. You can add other policies to the general policy or you can increase the limits on the general policy. Which one you choose depends on the company and the risks associated with it.

Construction firms will want to be covered for any perceived risk associated with providing construction services for the customer. For instance, if one of your employees accidently backs a company vehicle over the customer's lawnmower, you would be liable for the cost of replacing the lawn mower. If the situation was worse, and an employee injured the customer, you would be liable for the customer's injuries and possibly would have to contend with a lawsuit.

Delaware general liability insurance would cover you for the situation above. The commercial liability insurance provider would pay the customer for the damages to the lawnmower, and would pay the medical expenses and even litigation if it came to that. Those who do not have insurance in Delaware, run the risk of losing the business if they are involved in a suit. The attorneys fees can add up quickly even on a small case.

Other Types of Coverage

There are several additional policies you can choose to add to a Delaware general liability policy. There are policies available for liability from the sale of liquor, the cleanup, or regulatory cost of pollution, damages resulting from an equine business, damages resulting from the sale of a product, errors and omissions, or even for specific events. No matter what type of business you own, there are many policies available to ensure your Delaware business is covered.

Delaware general liability insurance is not just for contractors. Small businesses can also benefit from it. Event specialists might want to consider event coverage. This type of insurance is designed to cover specific events for specific timeframes. It protects the insured against injury or damage to people attending the event. You can also add a liquor liability policy if there will be alcohol served at the event.

A liquor policy is also a good idea if you own a club, restaurant, or even hotel. Any business that sells liquor should consider this coverage to cover you in the event of damage or injury to the consumers. You can add this coverage to an existing general policy. If you do not choose to add this coverage, and you do plan to sell liquor, you will want to read your existing policy closely. You may not be covered if something happens that is related to the selling of liquor.

Another excellent coverage available in Delaware is errors and omissions insurance. This covers damages resulting in mistakes in your work. This is especially good coverage to have if you are an engineering firm or a survey company. If you accidently write down a wrong measurement that results in damage, or litigation, Delaware general liability insurance would cover the legal costs and any damages that were resulting from your error.

Like any insurance, Delaware general liability insurance has limits to what it will cover. If you are concerned that the limits are not high enough to cover your potential risk, you may want to consider an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies pick up where the general liability stops and covers you for the remaining amount. These can be a lifesaver if the damage, injury, or litigation is significant.

Delaware general liability insurance has many available options. What it will not cover is intentional damage or criminal activity. To eliminate this peril, be sure to hire employees with no criminal history. You can perform background checks, with the employee's permission, to ensure you have the right people for the job.

Delaware general liability insurance is an excellent investment to protect your business and your employees. You have worked hard to become a business owner in Delaware. Now it is time to guard that business from potential harm using Delaware general liability insurance. No matter what business you have, you can find coverage that fits your needs and your budget. Shop online today to compare rates from reputable companies.



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