Connecticut General Liability Insurance

Connecticut general liability insurance is both affordable and necessary of you own a business in Connecticut. A liability policy will cover you in the event you or an employee causes accidental damage to a customer's property or to the customer. There are many Connecticut general liability insurance policies to fit the needs of any type of business in CT. If you shop online, you can compare quotes without leaving your office!

Commercial liability insurance is the protection of your business assets in the event someone in your company caused property or personal damage to a customer during the course of business in Connecticut. There are general policies which are included in a business owner's policy or BOP, or you can purchase it separately. If you put your Connecticut general liability insurance under your BOP, you will want to verify that the coverage and limits you need are available. If you need higher general coverage, you may want to consider separating the two.

Costs of Insuring a Business

The costs of a Connecticut general liability insurance policy are extremely economical, especially when you compare them to what you could have to pay in the event of an accident. If a customer is injured while on your property in Connecticut, or you or one of your employees causes damage to customer property, you are liable for the medical expenses, property damage, and litigation expenses if it comes to that. If you were covered with small business liability insurance, the insurer would cover these costs.

Many experts agree that two million dollars worth of Connecticut general liability insurance is sufficient to cover most small businesses. Fortunately, the cost of two million dollar coverage in CT is not dollar for dollar. You will find the cost is tremendously affordable which makes it very attractive to any small or large business owners. From restaurants to mom and pop bakeries, you can find Connecticut general liability insurance that will fit your budget.

Policy Types

There are many, many different Connecticut general liability insurance policies available. Standard coverage would cover public and product liability. Public coverage is coverage for the public against damage that might occur while they are on your property. An example of someone who might use this is a shopping center. A product policy is coverage for the manufacturing or supplying of a product to customers or other companies. An example of a business that uses this is a manufacturer of medical devices.

A commonly used additional coverage available in Connecticut is a pollution policy. This is to help provide the economic means to cover costs associated with pollution. This can cover a wide range of pollution issues, from suits brought against the business for pollution damage, to the cleanup of a polluted site. It can also help with regulatory charges brought against a polluter.

Another popular coverage is errors and omissions insurance. This type of general policy would cover you in the event that damage occurs as a result from a mistake in your work. A common use for this type of coverage would be an engineering firm. If an engineering firm inadvertently puts the wrong measurement on a bridge plan that eventually causes damage due to a structural issue, errors and omissions insurance may cover the damage.

There are many different types of general policies that can be added to your Connecticut general liability insurance coverage. Whether you own a company with factories, or a grocery store, any business can, and should, be covered by liability insurance.

Determining Risk

Connecticut general liability costs are figured based on the state you live in and your potential for risk. States with higher risks generally have higher liability insurance costs. Your risks are determined by the kind of business you have. In order to determine your risks you will want to ask yourself what kinds of accidents could happen to a customer while on my property, or at the customer's site.

A common risk for construction workers would be damage to a customer's home or yard while performing construction at their site. A store or shopping mall needs to think about the general public. Everything from parking lot accidents to a customer slipping on a spilled liquid should be considered. If you sell alcohol, you need to review the potential risk factors that this brings to your company. No matter what your risks, you can find a policy to cover those risks and provide you with protection of your company's assets.

Purchasing Connecticut general liability insurance is an excellent way to protect your Connecticut business and its employees from accidental damage or injury to a customer. Identify your risks and shop online now to compare rates from top insurance providers. You will be very glad you did in the event of an accident.



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