5 Excuses Why You Were Late for Work Today

Everyone has a day where he or she is running a little bit behind schedule. Of course, if a person is constantly late for work, it shows that the individual is unreliable and does not place a high priority on the job. Furthermore, the absence of a person can slow down the happenings of the business, especially in a small company or if the person is a higher up in the establishment. Others often wonder why people are late for work. Well, here are some of the common reasons.

The Kids: Humans and Pets

For married couples with children, the little ones are often the source of lateness. When a child wakes up sick in the morning, the couple needs to decide who is going to stay and who is going to work. However, both of the parents may eventually need to get to work. In that case, they need to start calling family members and babysitters. Of course, this is all after the child is brought to the doctor to determine what is wrong. Parents may need to wait for doctors who are running behind or for a family member who can arrive last minute. In any case, a couple of hours or more can pass before all of this is established.
Sometimes, a person will wake up to find that a beloved pet is very ill. In those cases, the animal needs to be brought to the vet. Wait times can vary here as well, which further delay the individual from getting to work.

Personal Sickness

Some people wake up in the mornings feeling less than perfect whether it is because of a poor night sleep or due to morning sickness from pregnancy. Colds, minor headaches and some other types of aches and pains are fairly easy to fight through. However, when people are vomiting or have major migraines, it can be nearly impossible to survive through a day of work. Sometimes these symptoms taper off after a few hours, so they person is able to return to work at that point.

Problems with Transportation
Here is another huge reason why people are late to work. They go out to their cars in the morning only to find that the door is frozen solid, the transmission is broken or the battery has died overnight. Even if the car starts running, there is always the chance that one of the tires will go flat, or that the driver will wind up in a fender bender. Even if people give themselves an extra 30 minutes for traffic, there is never any telling what could happen on the roads. A serious accident can back up a parkway for miles on end. It's not only cars that present potential problems to people either when it comes to transportation. Many individuals commute to work via taxi, subway, trains, buses and sometimes even a plane. When the schedules are running behind, people are simply unable to get to their places of employment on time.

Waking Up Late
Once in awhile, everyone oversleeps. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen. The most common is that someone just hits snooze a few too many times, and before the person knows it, it's 10 o'clock in the morning. Some individuals simply have a night where they forget to set their alarm, or they fall asleep away from their alarm. Electricity can go out in the night, thereby turning off a clock radio, and cell phone batteries can drain overnight when they are not charged properly. As with every situation, people can only take so many precautions. Even if they set a couple of different alarms, they may simply not wake up if they are suffering from extreme exhaustion. Once people realize that they are running late, sometimes there is time to rectify the situation and still get to work on time. However, if heavy rush hour traffic is met or trains are missed, then the situation only becomes more aggravated.

True Emergencies
Unfortunately, there are moments in peoples' lives when really serious problems occur. A family member might be rushed to the emergency room, and the person needs to get there. Everyone dreads the middle of the night phone call informing the receiver that a person has passed on. Additionally, weather emergencies can occur. An unexpected snow storm could leave a car completely buried and in need of a serious shoveling. Major hurricanes and floods can cause excessive water damage and prevent people from getting out of their homes, and tornadoes can completely destroy everything that is in their path. In some cases, people want to return to their lives as soon as possible; therefore, they will take care of the business at home with which they need to deal and then they will go to work. However, in many of these situations, the individuals will likely not get to work at all that day.

From the mild case of oversleeping to serious emergencies with a person's family or friends, there are many reasons why individuals arrive late to work. Some people are just chronically late, and they will have to deal with the repercussions of missing so much work whether it is docked pay or reduced vacation periods. However, others feel badly when they cannot make it in even if a true emergency has occurred. Employers are generally lenient with these otherwise hard working individuals.



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