Arizona General Liability Insurance

Arizona general liability insurance is an excellent way of protecting your assets against suits resulting from damages caused by you or one of your employees in Arizona. Whether you are looking for small business rates or are considering a general change in insurance carriers for a large corporation, you can shop online and save money by comparing rates today.

Your Arizona business is an investment that you need to protect, not only for you but also for your employees. Arizona general liability insurance covers your business in instances where you have personal or property damage to a customer or a customer's property. There are several types of policies to choose from. Which one is right for you can be determined by the function of your business. From restaurants to horse stables, you can find an Arizona liability insurance that works for you.

Do I Need Coverage?

If you own a business in AZ you probably need Arizona general liability insurance. Consider what would happen if you were a general contractor working on a commercial building and one of your employees accidently ran the forklift into a wall causing major damage to the wall. If you were not insured, you would be liable to pay not only the cost of the wall, but also the cost of potential legal action against your company. These costs can add up quickly and potentially put you out of business. If you did have Arizona general liability insurance, you would be covered for the damages and litigation.

Another example would be a restaurant owner who had a customer fall down inside the restaurant due to a wet floor. Without a policy, the restaurant owner would be liable for the medical costs and again possible legal action if the customer sued their restaurant. Arizona general liability insurance would cover both the medical and the legal expenses.

Whether you supply a product or a service to the public, you should purchase Arizona general liability insurance to protect not only you but also your customers. It is also a strong selling point when you meet with your customers. If you are a construction firm who has this type of policy, you will be more likely to get the job than if you do not have it. Customers like to know they will be compensated if you damage their property. Having general coverage assures them that they will be taken care of.

General Liability Policies

There are many different types of policies to fit your needs. Commercial liability insurance is one of the most cost effective means of covering your assets. Coverage in Arizona can be tailored to fit any type of service or production industry. You should determine what your risks of exposure are and how much you require for your AZ business.

A popular type of insurance in Arizona is commercial equine liability insurance. This type of coverage is specific to horse related businesses such as public arenas, wagon rides, boarding, breeding, or riding instruction. If one of your customers fall off their horse in the arena, or falls out of a wagon during a wagon ride, this policy will include damages and medical costs for the injured customer. It will also cover litigation if the need arises. One thing this type of equine coverage does not cover is anything owned by someone else under your control at the time of the damage. This would include a horse you were boarding for someone else, or tack the customer left in your care. Check with your Arizona general liability insurance provider to determine if commercial equine coverage is right for you.

Another type of Arizona general liability insurance available is commercial liquor liability policies. These policies are designed to cover anyone who sells alcohol or liquor such as a pub or club. Anytime liquor is included in an insurance policy, the rates will increase due to the increase of risk involved. Types of these businesses would include sporting venues, hotels or resorts, casinos, or even liquor stores. If your company sells alcohol, consider a commercial liquor policy to increase your general coverage.

No matter what type of Arizona general liability coverage you need, you can find a carrier to protect one of your most precious assets, your company. Shop around and compare quotes before choosing a provider. Determine what your potential risks are and compare them to your quotes to be sure you are covered for any eventuality. Once you have purchased your Arizona general liability insurance policy you will enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes from being protected in the event of damage caused by you or your employees to a customer. Shop online now to find the perfect coverage for you!



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