Alabama General Liability Insurance

Alabama general liability insurance is an affordable way to protect your business in the event of damage caused by your company to someone else's property. There are risks at any job. Whether you own a restaurant or a construction company, you should consider general liability insurance to protect your assets in case a customer sues you for bodily injury or property damage in Alabama.

There are many affordable Alabama insurance companies available. You can shop online for the best rates. Compare your quotes carefully and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Each policy is slightly different so review each and choose the one that is right for you.

Quotes for Alabama general liability insurance are based on two major factors, your perceived risk, and the state in which you operate. Your perceived risk is determined by what kind of business you are covering. For instance, a roofing company has one of the highest risks in the construction industry because of the fact they work on the roof instead of inside a building. Your rate as a roofing company would be higher than your rate as a drywall company, and significantly higher than your rate as a vacuum repair shop.

What is Liability Insurance?

Say you are an AL general contractor replacing a roof on a customer's home. One of your employees drops a nailing gun off the roof and ruins the customer's prize roses. Alabama general liability insurance will cover the replacement of the roses for you so it does not come out of your own pocket. This is a small example of how Alabama general liability insurance can work. Of course, the situation could be much worse if the employee drops the nailing gun on the customer instead of the roses. In this case, the general liability insurance would cover the customer's medical costs.

An Alabama general liability insurance policy will cover several things. Most include property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, and advertising injury. Advertising injury covers you for slander or false advertising claims. You can put it under the Alabama business owner's policy (BOP), or for better coverage, you can purchase it separately.

Alabama general liability insurance or commercial liability insurance policies have maximum payouts in case of an accident. You may want to consider purchasing an Umbrella liability policy to pick up any damages that are not covered under your general policy. This will give you the maximum coverage and is excellent for someone who has a high potential risk factor.

Minimizing Risk

Like any insurance, Alabama general liability insurance claims can raise your general insurance rates significantly. There are several things you can do to limit the number of claims filed. No matter whether you are selling a product or performing a service in AL, the following items will help you and your employees stay safe.

Maintain high standards. You should always maintain high standards in your Alabama company for both product control, and employee performance. By promoting these standards, you can ensure your employees will stay aware of your expectations. You could come up with a slogan such as "We will always provide a quality product" or "Our employees will exceed your expectations." Post your slogan anywhere where your employees work so it is a constant reminder of the high standards of the company. You should also mention it in every staff meeting. The idea is for the slogan to become something all employees work towards.

Safety should always be a priority. Have safety meetings that cover topics specific to your business. For instance, if you are a roofing firm, you might have a safety meeting on how to place and use tools while on a roof to keep them from falling off. Or maybe a class on how and where to place a ladder against the roof. You would not want to place a ladder in the customer's rose garden any more than you would want to drop a tool on it.

You could also initiate a recognition program that rewards employees for outstanding customer service, or safety. The recognition needs to be something the employees will appreciate, not just a pat on the back. You want them to know how important this is to the company. This will make your employees work harder towards the goals while helping you eliminate Alabama general liability insurance claims.

Alabama general liability insurance is an important insurance for any company to have. It will protect your assets against all manner of liability claims and will give you peace of mind. If you promote safety and quality in your company, you will minimize claims. You can find excellent rates online and can compare quotes from top Alabama companies. Shop today and start protecting your assets in Alabama now.



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