10 Easy Ways to get Fired

During a period of high unemployment, businesses receive unsolicited resumes on a regular basis. With so many qualified people searching for a job, employers can be confident that they can replace an employee who is not living up to their expectations. While there are certain steps that employers must take before they terminate an employee, some actions are nearly guaranteed to lead to a firing.

1. Using social media during work hours
While quickly glancing at a Facebook page may not lead to immediate termination, but checking into a bar or strip club while during work hours, sending inappropriate messages from the work computer or posting pictures of a trip to the beach after calling in sick is sure to be questioned by management. Company policies regarding social media use should be followed to avoid being fired.

2. Misuse of company information
Using information that is only available to employees to make stock market decisions, sell company secrets to competitors or start a competing business is grounds for firing. Companies have confidentiality agreements to keep their employees from engaging in this behavior and if they are caught, the policy clearly states the consequences.

3. Stealing from the company
While it may be common knowledge in the office that everyone takes offices supplies home with them, they probably haven't been caught doing it. The problem with companies allowing employees to get away with stealing office supplies is that they have to draw a line somewhere. It is easier to make the punishment for taking home office supplies the same as stealing computers or customer files.

4. Sending inappropriate email
Office email should only be used to send and receive work related information. While it may not be necessary to report all non-work related messages to a supervisor, it is important not to forward them to coworkers. When a message is originated or forwarded, the company's information technology department has a record of who sent it. The information the IT department has can be used as grounds for termination.

5. Coming to work drunk or high
Most employers have a zero tolerance substance abuse policy. While they may not be able to prove an employee is under the influence, a drug test will almost certainly be performed if the employee is involved in an accident. Drinking while driving is dangerous and criminal. Even in an office atmosphere, employees who come to work drunk or high can cost the company a lot of money in lost productivity.

6. Threatening other employees
There are times when co-workers disagree with each other. Sometimes employees disagree with their supervisors. No one should lose control so much at work that they threaten other employees. Threats of violence or actual assault will certainly lead to termination and possibly arrest.

7. Falsifying information on a job application
In the past, it was difficult for employers to verify the information on job applications. They might ask for documentation or make a phone call or two for references. The Internet has made it possible for employers to gather all of the information the need about an employee's background within a few days. Employees who are hiring pending their background check are certain to be let go when the employer finds out they lied on their application.

8. Inappropriate use of company computers
Employees who use company resources for anything that is not directly related to their job should do so knowing that the behavior could cause them to be unemployed. Accessing porn sites, having private chats with friends and checking personal email can all constitute inappropriate use of the Internet.

9. Inability to adhere to the work schedule
Excessive absenteeism is one surefire way to get fired, but other attendance issues can lead to the same fate. Consistently returning late from lunch and breaks results in lost productivity. Employees have been known to be disciplined for excessive use of sick days and failing to schedule their vacation in advance. Coming to work on time and working until the end of the shift can keep employees out of this kind of trouble.

10. Insubordination
Insubordination is a catch-all term that includes everything that an employee is supposed to do but doesn't. The people who get fired for insubordination are the ones who always have a bad attitude. Good work performance is not enough to compensate for a terrible attitude in many cases. When bad employees are fired for insubordination, the company is a better place to work.

There are many things that can get someone fired from their job. The most important thing for employees to remember, though, is that it is easier to keep the job they have than to find another one. Coming to work on time, having a good attitude and following the rules can help employees keep their job as long as they choose to work there.



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